GUEST COLUMN: The making of Lewis Hamilton’s unique masterpiece

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By Alexia Tibil

Entering a phenomenal 16th season in Formula One, Lewis Hamilton’s career has been nothing but spectacular in all aspects.

Each of his years in the sport have been a pure bliss for the fans as they have seen him break records left and right. In doing so, he has continuously raised the bar not only through the grid, but also through motorsport in general. With an impressive resume to his name, Sir Lewis Hamilton continues to push himself to the limits and beyond and thus, truly engraving his name in the history books.

“Working on my masterpiece, I’ll be the one to decide when it’s finished.”

  • Sir Lewis Hamilton in one of his recent Instagram posts

It’s all coming full circle for Sir Lewis Hamilton. Back in 2019, when he clinched his 6th World Drivers’ Championship title at COTA, Hamilton was overwhelmed with an abundance of emotions and gratitude in an in-depth press conference after the race. Whilst talking about different aspects of his career and the path he had to go through to get to where he is now, Hamilton stated that his work in the motorsport industry, in Formula One especially, has only just begun. He made it very clear that although he has accomplished more than he could have ever imagined, he is hungry for further track glory.

“I’m working on a masterpiece and… I haven’t quite finished it yet,” said the Briton while reflecting on a rollercoaster of a year for him and the team. He voiced that he dreams of more success and while, at that time a record-equalling 7th world title would seem at such a distance, he somehow managed to grab that title as well in spectacular fashion back in 2020. And so, he managed to keep expanding that masterpiece of a work that he talked about the year before.

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On a number of occasions, Hamilton has mentioned the fact that his road to success has not been the easiest, on the contrary, it has been utterly bumpy and demanding at times. Just like the beginning of the 2022 Formula One season. A tricky start to the season has seen Hamilton work harder than ever with his team in order to be at the top of the field yet again. But, as one’s road to ultimate success is often criticized by others, Lewis Hamilton has kept his head down, like he usually does, and stayed focused on his goals.

Whilst on American soil for the inaugural edition of the Miami Grand Prix, Lewis has been forced to indirectly address all the negative comments that have been thrown at him after a not so satisfying weekend at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, at the end of last month. Finishing P14 in that race has made a bunch of retired Formula One drivers and commentators speak their minds on Lewis’s season so far in quite a negative manner, to such a degree that a lot of fans of the sport have started to write his season off. Nevertheless, Lewis has managed to keep his head in the game.

Each and every single successful athlete in the world has paved their own way in their chosen sport, their own unique way. If we take a look at other sports, we can clearly see there is a significant number of athletes who, although they earned the right to go about their own way in the sport, have been highly criticized by other people. For instance, Serena Williams, a truly remarkable tennis player and a legend of the sport, has always had to face negativity from journalists and the media about different matters. Whether it was the way she plays, the way she dresses or her private life, people have always tried to diminish her spectacular career. The same pattern can be seen with Hamilton. Over the years, he has always been different to other drivers and, without a doubt, that has been the key to all his track glory. But, because of his unique style, people tend to put all of his success under a rug and turn their focus on frivolous things, such as his paddock fashion sense. Ongoing discussions regarding jewellery and underwear between drivers and the FIA, Formula One’s governing body, have turned heads throughout the paddock over the last few weeks. There are quite a few drivers who stated that these new-old rules have been targeting Lewis Hamilton, especially when it comes to jewellery.

As mentioned before, Lewis Hamilton has always had unique ways of achieving greatness and because of this kind of mindset, he has managed to build a legacy outside of Formula One as well, including the fashion industry. Having a huge passion for this particular industry, Lewis has always managed to arrive in style at each Grand Prix weekend. He has also mentioned at various times that fashion is a way of finding your true self and, in doing so, he has managed to be himself on track as well.

“For me, though, fashion is about freeing yourself—it’s about self-expression; it’s about you; it’s about slowly, over time, evolving and learning more about yourself and what you like and how you want to show up—how you want to be seen. What makes you feel great? It’s a great feeling when you put on a piece of clothing and throw your shoulders back and are just like: I feel great today. That’s what fashion does.”

  • Lewis in a recent piece for Vogue Magazine.

Moreso, in the very beginning of the year, Apple announced a collaboration with Lewis in order to create some kind of a docuseries about his life. Such a project is meant to make people understand his mindset on and off the track better, and to get up-close-and-personal with the amazing human being that Sir Lewis Hamilton is.

“He is the Michael/Kobe/Lebron of F1. But he’s something even more special – as he uses his platform, heart and soul to always step up for racial justice and those that need a voice. This film will be so much more than racing, it will be about an exceptional human with a passion and mission to impact lives,”

  • Film Producer Scott Budnick

If we take a close look back at all the years Sir Lewis Hamilton has been involved in Formula One, we can clearly recognize the immense talent and sportsperson Lewis is, but not only that. While his legacy is far more than just his on track success, Lewis Hamilton has somehow managed to carve his own unique path in a way that future generations will eventually be able to look up to.

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