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  • Angie Clark
    • Twitter: @clarkangie30
    • Facebook Profile
    • Angie has been a Mercedes F1 fan since the Silver Arrows’ return to Formula 1 in 1994 as an engine supplier and a Mercedes works team fan since the manufacturer’s return in 2010 as a full fledged team.
    • Angie has Mika Hakkinen’s 1998 title-winning McLaren Mercedes MP4/13 tattooed on her right thigh and Lewis Hamilton’s 2014 title-winning Mercedes F1 W05 Hybrid tattooed on her left thigh. Now, folks, that’s a Silver Arrows fan! 🙂
  • Ivan Sah
    • Ivan has been a fan of Mercedes in Formula 1 since 1998 when he rooted for McLaren Mercedes and Mika Hakkinen. Later he followed Lewis Hamilton with McLaren and ultimately the Mercedes works team.

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