VIDEO: Mercedes pokes fun at Max Verstappen!

© LAT Images for Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix Ltd

Mercedes posted a funny video on their social media channels, poking fun at Max Verstappen for a situation that happened in 2021, involving Lewis Hamilton‘s car.

Mercedes posted a POV video of one of the team members walking up to the W13 and touching the rear wing. At that point the video turns black and white, and the word ‘wasted’ appears on the screen. The caption above the video reads: “We should have known better.”

The ‘wasted’ letters are a reference to the game Grand Theft Auto, as they appear when the player dies.

The whole video is actually poking fun at a situation that happened after qualifying for the 2021 Sao Paulo Grand Prix Sprint Race.

After the drivers got out of their cars, Max Verstappen walked up to Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes and touched its rear wing, which is forbidden in parc fermé conditions.

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This was in the middle of Lewis and Max’s tight title fight, so the situation was big news, as a grid penalty could have potentially turned the tide in the championship.

Ultimately the FIA handed the Dutch driver a €50,000 fine, and he later mocked the governing organization by saying he hopes they’ll have a nice dinner with the money.

Of course, after that same quali session Lewis got disqualified for his DRS exceeding the maximum distance when opened, and had to start the sprint race from the back of the field. This then led to one of his best career performances, as he ultimately finished the sprint race in P5.

You can take a look at Mercedes’ funny video below.

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