VIDEO: That time Lewis Hamilton got “trapped in a lift” with “a couple of really hot girls”

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We close out our Summer Break Flashbacks with a funny story of how Lewis Hamilton got “trapped in a lift” with “a couple of really hot girls”!

During the F1 summer break we decided to publish several interesting, fun or funny old stories on our social media channels. Now, with the break almost over, we decided to end it with “pretty hot” (and funny) story from 2018.

In an old episode of Grill the Grid, Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas played a game of ‘Truth of Lie’ and Lewis used the opportunity to relay a funny story (and joke around).

When the duo was faced with a statement ‘I’ve been trapped somewhere’, Lewis answered it with: “Truth”.

The interviewer immediately asked the Briton to clarify.

“I got trapped in a lift one time. I was in the lift for like 4 hours,” he said.

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The interviewer then asked if this was “an exaggeration for getting out of a PR opportunity?”

Lewis chuckled and replied with:

“No no, but luckily I had, at least a couple of really hot girls with me, so it was okay. I had good company. Doing it with good company, you can actually have fun.

“But it was, yeah, pretty hot,” he concluded with a smile.

You can watch the funny video here, or by clicking on ‘Watch on YouTube’ below.

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