James Allison says DAS “didn’t become second nature” to drivers

© Steve Etherington for Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix Ltd.

Mercedes Technical Director James Allison says the innovative Dual Axis Steering system did “everything we’d hoped for”, but ultimately wasn’t easy for use.

Mercedes’ innovative DAS system allows drivers to adjust the toe angle of the front wheels by pushing and pulling on the steering wheel. However James Allison reveals it wasn’t easy for drivers to get used to it.

“It did almost everything we’d hoped for”, the Briton told Auto, Motor und Sport.

“Actually, we wanted to use it even more, from corner to corner and from new to old tyres.

“It turned out that the drivers could not easily use the system as a control mechanism. It didn’t become second nature, like steering to the left or right.”

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Well, Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas won’t have to get used to it, as the FIA announced the system will be banned from 2021 onward, even before the 2020 season started.

“It is a pity that we could not make the most of it and that it will be banned for next year.

“But we understand that it would have been self-destructive to force everyone else into this development,” concluded Allison.

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