Johnny Herbert: “The decision that was made was totally wrong”

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Former F1 driver Johnny Herbert thinks the decisions Michael Masi made at the Abu Dhabi Gand Prix are “totally wrong” and says “when you’re there to make things fair, you don’t twist the rules”.

Johnny Herbert has been one of the most vocal personalities in the mainstream Formula 1 media when it comes to pointing out the injustice that happened at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Now, while discussing the matter with fellow Sky Sports F1 analysts Martin Brundle and Damon Hill, Herbert once again criticised the decisions that race director Michael Masi made in the final laps of the race.

“I think that the biggest issue that we’ve got is the decision that was made was totally wrong,” Herbert said.

“Yes, [Masi] was under pressure but that is the position that he’s been in. We’ve seen the people that have been there before, Charlie Whiting for example, where they’ve been able to deal with that pressure that’s going on. That’s part and parcel of what Formula 1 is all about.

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“When you’re there to make things fair, you don’t twist the rules that you think is actually going to benefit Formula 1 like Michael Masi said at the end about, ‘We wanted to go racing’.

“You don’t go racing after Sir Lewis Hamilton had done one of the best races that he had done all season, and then you take that away from him because you’ve given the advantage to Max, who had done the right call on the pit-stop putting those Soft tyres on.

“You don’t then change everything with the rules to allow the race to go green for that one lap when it’s totally unfair.

“The result we got at the end of it, which was very unfortunate, was totally wrong,” the Briton concluded.

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