Mercedes continues push: “We’re bringing updates to Budapest and Spa”

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Toto Wolff says “there was a moment where, led by James [Allison], suddenly the data made sense”, and now “there’s more to come in terms of performance”.

Mercedes has shown steady improvement for the past several races, which culminated with two consecutive wins in Austria and Britain.

After the British Grand Prix, Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff announced the push for performance continues.

“There’s more to come in terms of performance,” the Austrian said.

“We’re bringing updates to Budapest and Spa.”

Toto explained that, five races ago, something “clicked” for Mercedes and they are now bringing performance with each upgrade.

“When you consider that five races ago we weren’t even a contender for the podium, which looked like the third year of non-performance, then it clicked.

“Suddenly everything that didn’t make sense made sense. And the results of the development directions are back like in the old days.

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“We are finding performance, we’re putting it on the car, and it translates into lap time. That wasn’t the case for the last two years.

“We couldn’t give the drivers a car that enabled them to go for the victories.”

He then revealed Mercedes’ Technical Director James Allison played a crucial role in cracking the W15’s ‘code’.

“There was a moment where, led by James [Allison, Mercedes Technical Director], suddenly the data made sense.

“And the gap, the way we, mainly the way we balanced the car, and how we could bring the car to a sweet spot. That was the main thing.

“It wasn’t a miracle front wing, it was more the balance that we achieved,” Wolff concluded.

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