Ted Kravitz provides insight into Adrian Newey’s current thinking

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Sky Sports F1’s Ted Kravitz says Adrian Newey is “amazingly still going around the Red Bull garage looking at the car that he’s not in charge of anymore”.

Ever since it was announced that Adrian Newey is leaving Red Bull, and will be able to join a different team in early 2025, one of the main points of speculation in the F1 world has been his future.

It is already known that the main teams pursuing the legendary designer are Ferrari and Aston Martin, but Mercedes, McLaren and Williams have also expressed interest.

While, Newey had made it clear that he will not make his decision on what he plans to do next before the fall, and is currently enjoying his time off from Formula 1, Sky Sports F1’s Ted Kravitz says the Briton was at Silverstone in Red Bull’s garage, and he noticed something curious about him.

“I’ve got to tell you about Adrian Newey, who amazingly, is still coming to races, is amazingly still going around the Red Bull garage looking at the car that he’s not in charge of anymore, with his notepad and making notes about the Red Bull to take them to wherever he’s going,” Kravitz said.

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“And is on the grid sketching designs of everybody else and the other upgrades of what the other teams are bringing and thinking about ‘I’m going to take these.’

“So clearly, whoever said that Adrian Newey, they think he’s going to retire. Uh, wrong! And he’s obviously going somewhere else, because why would you be coming here and making notes about other people cars?

“So wherever he goes, whether that’s Aston Martin, or Ferrari, or less likely I think now Williams, or Mercedes or McLaren, he’s clearly still, and turning up in Red Bull gear preparing for his future job.

“I mean, I know he’s not allowed in Red Bull meetings anymore, but I did still think it was quite interesting that he is still around,” the Briton concluded.

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