Toto Wolff on how Hamilton’s departure will impact the 2024 season

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Toto Wolff says Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton still have “a full year to go”, and so he’s “going to give it everything now”.

Although Lewis Hamilton will leave Mercedes for Ferrari at the end of 2024, he still has a full season to go with the German team.

Obviously, many are now asking the question – how will Lewis’ departure impact the 2024 season?

Mercedes’ team boss Toto Wolff says he will still do everything he can to make the best of the year.

“So I think eventually a racing driver’s career ends and I believe that for Lewis he wanted some change, and he wanted to do something, to try something new,” the Austrian said.

“But the team has managed a situation like this before, we’ve had that change in driver lineups. And we have a full year to go, I’m going to give it everything now.

“Of course, you know, on one side, you’re saying we were pushing flat out and we want to have success this year with both of our drivers, but then we need to look into 2025 and 26 and that’s going to play in our mind.”

As for Mercedes’ chances to compete with Red Bull, Toto said:

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“Well, it’s clear when you have stable regulations is always a difficult thing to catch up.

“It’s clear, [Red Bull have] been in a league of their own and pretty much us – we’ve finished second last year in the World Championship.

“And then there’s Ferrari and McLaren, and we’ve just got a little ramp up the game and find more performance, more lap time.

“And this is what we’re going to do with George and with Lewis, [and] the car.

“This is the kind of the single aim I’m having at the moment when looking at the short and medium term,” Wolff concluded.

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