Wolff jokes Allison’s return as TD led to “more rudeness and obscenities”

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Toto Wolff explains how Mercedes’ swap between James Allison and Mike Elliott affected the atmosphere in the team, and why it was “a good thing”.

Mercedes recently decided to do an internal swap between James Allison and Mike Elliott, with Allison assuming the position of Technical Director, and Elliott becoming the team’s Chief Technical Officer.

In a recent interview, team boss Toto Wolff was asked how the swap affected the atmosphere within the team.

“More rudeness and obscenities,” the Austrian said with a smile.

“The mood is good, but the mood is so good with Mike. He’s a great personality. James is a bit more direct, some would say blunt.

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“But he’s good. We like him here at the track, he’s really strong.”

Wolff then said the current dynamic is good for the team.

“Mike [Elliot] is the thoughtful, strategic thinker. James [Allison] is the gladiator on the field. That’s why the swap was a good thing.

“For us, it’s about sometimes figuring out what fits your personality and role, and we’ve figured that out, and the two are now in a good place,” he concluded.

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