Helmut Marko says Piquet’s racist comments were publicized on purpose

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Red Bull advisor Dr Helmut Marko defends Nelson Piquet and says the ‘unearthing’ of his racist comments aimed at Lewis Hamilton right before the British Grand Prix was “no coincidence”.

Back in 2021, while commenting on the controversial collision between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen at the 2021 British Grand Prix, three-time F1 champion Nelson Piquet used a racial slur when talking about Lewis.

These comments came to the public’s eye right before the 2022 British Grand Prix, and led to the Brazilian reportedly being banned from the F1 paddock.

Considering Piquet is the father of Verstappen’s girlfriend Kelly, this controversy even put the Dutch driver in a tough position.

In the meantime more of Piquet’s racist and homophobic comments aimed at Hamilton surfaced, which showed it was not a one-time incident.

Red Bull’s advisor Dr Helmut Marko, however, doesn’t think the comments were that bad.

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“I don’t want to defend Piquet, but if you translate the Portuguese correctly, what he said isn’t nearly as blatant,” Marko told OE24.

Marko then went on to say that Piquet has a history of making inappropriate statements, so he believes his racist comments were publicized ahead of the race in Britain on purpose, but he doesn’t elaborate on who he thinks did it and what their intentions were.

“We know Piquet: even when he was active, he kept making ill-considered statements.

“The only odd thing is that this interview from last November surfaced a few days before the GP. Apparently, they wanted the previous year’s crash not to be boiled up again.

“This timing is no coincidence,” Marko concluded.

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