Lewis Hamilton says as a fan he would support Charles Leclerc

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Lewis Hamilton says as a fan he would support Charles Leclerc to win the 2022 title, because he’s “a Ferrari fan”, and adds Max Verstappen is not the strongest rival he has ever faced.

In an interview with Corriere della Sera Lewis Hamilton was asked to predict who will win the 2022 championship, Charles Leclerc or Max Verstappen?

“So you take it for granted that we at Mercedes are done for? Don’t underestimate us,” Lewis said with a smile.

“Ferrari is stronger in qualifying and Red Bull in the race. But it changes with every race, and Ferrari has shown that they know how to create a great car. And then Charles is very strong…

“I would add one thing: if I could sit with the fans over there, I would support Charles. I’m a Ferrari fan”.

Asked then if Verstappen was the “strongest” rival he has ever faced or just one of many, Lewis said:

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“One of many I have faced. From Fernando Alonso onwards everyone had great qualities.

Since he mentioned he was a fan of Ferrari, the journalist asked him if he would be up for a “Last Dance” with Ferrari?

“Do you see what is written here [on his forearm]? ‘Loyalty’. Of course it would have been nice to race for Ferrari during my career, but things happen for specific reasons:

“Mercedes is my family, I will always be a Mercedes driver, as was Stirling Moss,” Hamilton concluded.

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