Verstappen mocked Hamilton in a private text after Silverstone crash

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Max Verstappen allegedly sent a private text about Lewis Hamilton following their 2021 British Grand Prix crash, and it seems he wasn’t feeling too bad.

One of the biggest moments of the 2021 Formula 1 season was a collision between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen at the British Grand Prix, which sent the Dutch driver into the barrier.

He was then taken to the hospital for precautionary checks, while Hamilton spectacularly won his home race.

This moment was used by Red Bull throughout the season to take shots at Hamilton for supposedly celebrating while Max was in the hospital, even though Mercedes has confirmed multiple times that they were told Max was not hurt.

Well, now Dutch driver Tom Coronel, friend of the Verstappen family, reveals he received a text from Max Verstappen, while he was on his way to the hospital, which indicates Max wasn’t feeling too bad about the whole thing.

According to Coronel, he had sent Max a text to ask him how he was feeling, and received a response at 4.18 UK time.

The text allegedly read: “Cannot cope with the pressure that guy hahaha. Don’t worry Tommy, we’re gonna beat him this year.”

Coronel explained more in an exclusive interview with Express Sport.

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“I have Max on the WhatsApp, when he was on his way to the hospital from Silverstone,” the Dutch driver said.

“I tell you he never complained he was pushed out, never. He just said ‘Tommy don’t worry we will catch him’.

“He is on his way to hospital, he just got out of the crash. He is not complaining that he was pushed out, he is not complaining that he is hurt.

“He is just saying ‘haha the guy cannot cope with the pressure and we are going to kick back this season’. Then you do not have b*lls, then you have skippy b*lls.

“This shows to me the mindset, Max, the mind is so strong, so strong,” Coronel concluded.

So, if Coronel is to be believed, it appears that all the talk from Red Bull about Max being in serious danger, while Mercedes was celebrating, wasn’t very sincere.

It has to be noted that the whole incident led to an outpouring of online racist hate aimed at Hamilton, which prompted Mercedes to issue a public statement, blasting Red Bull for slating the Briton.

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