Lewis Hamilton on George Russell: “He is going to win races”

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Lewis Hamilton says “there will be times” when George Russell “is at the front”, but it will only make him “work harder to make sure that it doesn’t happen”.

George Russell is arriving at Mercedes in 2022, and considering his performances with Williams, the expectations are great.

Lewis Hamilton also expects his new team-mate to be successful, but he doesn’t intend to just make way for the young Briton.

“George, I imagine, is going to be similar to me when I got to Formula 1,” Lewis told Channel 4.

“He’s going to be hungry, he’s got everything to gain nothing to lose, throw everything and the kitchen sink at it.

“That’s what I would expect, he will get amazing support from our engineers, he’s got an amazing amount of support to be welcomed in, and we will try to work as team-mates.

“There is respect there, but I know he is going to win races, I know he is going to be fast, I’m sure if we have got the package he will do a great job and there will be times where he is at the front and I’m okay with that.

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“I’ll just work harder to make sure that it doesn’t happen.”

If Lewis wins the 2021 championship he will become the most successful driver in the history of Formula 1, according to any metric. However, he is as motivated as ever to break even more ground in the coming seasons.

“For sure, for sure, it’s crazy to think that I have that many wins, it’s crazy to think we have these championships.

“I’m still super driven, I heard [Formula 1 CEO] Stefano Domenicali said someone is going to break my records at some stage, which is totally expected, records are there to be broken.

“But then I was like ‘I better win some more races’, so then it just gave me more drive, I’ve got to get back out there and just keep pushing,” concluded the seven-time champion.

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