No leg day for Lewis Hamilton (ahead of races)

Source: Lewis Hamilton’s Twitter

In an interview with ESPN Lewis Hamilton explained the training he does leading up to a grand prix, and revealed one of the biggest mistakes a driver can make.

At 38 years old, Lewis Hamilton is still in amazing shape, in part due to his comprehensive fitness regimen.

However, in an interview done with ESPN during the Miami Grand Prix weekend, Lewis Hamilton revealed what he considers to be a big mistake a driver can to in terms of personal fitness.

“I wouldn’t want to do leg day two days before getting into the car, because then you are like, ‘I’ve got noodle legs!'” Lewis said.

He then explained what his fitness routine is ahead of a grand prix.

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“Monday [after the Azerbaijan Grand Prix] was my day off but I didn’t really use it as a day off.

“I did a 12k run in morning, then zooms all afternoon, and then in the evening did another one hour 30 minutes in the gym and that was muscle building strength work.

“Today I was running 6.30am this morning, a 10k run, got back had a summit. Then it was all core strength, glutes and hip flexors all that kind of working around the middle area.

“It really depends on what you have got coming up,” Hamilton concluded.

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