F1 teams’ technical bosses set to meet with the FIA regarding porpoising

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F1 teams’ technical directors are set to meet with FIA’s single seater technical director Nikolas Tombazis to discuss solutions to porpoising.

After last weekend’s heated discussions between Formula 1 team bosses regarding porpoising, which reportedly included harsh words being exchanged, the teams’ technical bosses are set to meet with the FIA later this week, to discuss possible solutions to the phenomenon.

The discussion will most likely include analysis of the data the FIA has gathered over the Canadian Grand Prix weekend, regarding vertical movements of the cars, and discussions on whether those can be limited in the future.

They will also most probably discuss possibilities of rule changes for 2023, so that porpoising could be eliminated in the future.

At the Canadian Grand Prix, Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff was asked by Motorsport.com whether he believes politics can be removed from these discussions.

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“I think the political manoeuvring that has been going on doesn’t consider what is at the core of this topic,” the Austrian said.

“At the core of this topic is that since the beginning of the season, race drivers have been complaining about pain to drive these cars: back pain, blurred vision, we’re talking about micro concussions and people giving their feedback in literally every team.

“This is something we just need to tackle: whatever the solution is and whatever technically can be implemented to go in that direction.

“We need to be aware that this is not about cutting a winglet that is an advantage for a team, or a double diffuser.

“It is that all of us team principals and teams: we have the responsibility to not take this lightly,” Wolff concluded.

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