Hamilton and Russell discuss Mercedes’ Barcelona upgrades

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Lewis Hamilton and George Russell give their thoughts on Mercedes’ first significant upgrade package that the team has prepared for Barcelona.

Mercedes has arrived at Barcelona with several significant upgrades, which were introduced for the first time at the team’s filming day at Circuit Paul Ricard earlier this week.

Ahead of the Spanish Grand Prix George Russell was asked to give his comments on the upgrade package.

“I think we’re confident we can find more lap time but obviously every single team are bringing upgrades to their car,” Russell said.

“So if we make our car half a second quicker and Ferrari make their car half a second quicker, we’re in exactly the same boat that we were before.

“We’re not just racing against the stopwatch, we’re racing against the competition. We’ll have to see. I think this weekend will be interesting for us.

“I don’t think we’re going to simply find that killer switch that is going to put us on the top step of the podium, but maybe we’ll get some good answers to point us in the right direction,” George concluded.

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Lewis Hamilton says he is proud of his team for the upgrades they managed to produce.

“It’s a great test track here in Barcelona,” Lewis started.

“And yes, the first time we drove the car, we have the data from that, and we can remember the feeling that we had during that time as well.

“We did have bouncing back then also, but it’ll be interesting to see the parallels and see how much we’ve progressed since then.

“We’re working as hard as we can as a team to progress and I mean, we have some upgrades – it’s not a big upgrade like [McLaren’s] but I’m really proud of the team for what they have put together.

“And I hope that, when we get into the car, we notice it,” Hamilton concluded.

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