James Allison says FIA’s directive is “a problematic way forward”

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Mercedes’ Chief Technical Officer James Allison is not fully happy with the FIA’s ‘anti-porpoising’ directive and says it’s “a tricky way forward”.

On Thursday the FIA outlined their plan to reduce porpoising on the grounds of drivers’ health and safety.

Mercedes’ James Allison gives his thoughts on the FIA’s directive.

“I have to say that the general approach of saying ‘We’re going to come up with a metric and then if you don’t fall on the right side of that metric, we will impose upon you a problematic way forward ‘, that is a tricky way forward,” the Briton told Sky Sports F1.

“At a very minimum, if that were the way forward, then the metric that is derived would need to be very transparently communicated, the data on which it is based very transparently available and everyone’s metric be live and continuously viewable by everyone.

“That would be a prerequisite or else we’re going to wind up in a really horrid situation where we’re told we must do something and we’re looking at another car that is bouncing and saying ‘What about them?’ to be told ‘Their metric is fine’.

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“That would have to be all very much out in the open and I think [it would be] a problematic way forward.“

However, Allison does welcome the efforts to improve drivers’ health and safety.

“It’s welcome the FIA are recognising that it’s not a happy situation where lap time and drivers’ health are in very sharp contrast with each other.

“As a sport, it is really helpful if that is recognised and we try to tiptoe our way out of the corner that the sport is wedged into at the moment.

“Certainly, we’re very keen on working very constructively with them, as will everyone else in the pitlane be.

“The general direction of travel of saying that this is a problem and we need to fix it as a sport, is extremely sensible,” Allison concluded.

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