Lewis Hamilton: “Every minute of the weekend I’ve loved”

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After winning the “horrifying” and “great” Bahrain Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton describes what it was like to fight Max Verstappen in the final stages of the race.

Hamilton managed to take an amazing win at the Bahrain Grand Prix, after holding off Max Verstappen who was on much fresher tyres. After the race Lewis described the experience.

“It was horrifying,” the Briton said.

“It wasn’t great. I was struggling obviously at the end with the rear end of my car. My rear tyres had gone off and they were maybe eight laps older, maybe more, to Max’s tyres.

“I knew he was going to catch me with 10 laps to go and I was thinking it was going to be pretty much impossible to hold him behind, which in fact it was, up until the Turn 4 incident.”

In lap 53 of 56 Verstappen managed to overtake Hamilton, but had to give the position back due to exceeding track limits.

“I couldn’t believe I was just able to just keep him behind,” admitted Lewis.

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“I managed to keep him in my wake… and then it was difficult for him in certain places to get close. And he ended up wide in some places, which just gave me an edge.”

The seven-time champion was not sure he would be able to hold onto his position until the very last lap of the race.

“I think it was really the last lap, there was a point, I think once I got through in Turn 4, that I knew I was in a good position.

“But then oversteer out of Turn 10 and nervousness out of 11, snap oversteer into 13 which is a real bad one and I’m thinking: ‘That’s it – he’s got me now’.”

Ultimately, the champ loved it all.

“I loved every minute of it. Every minute of the weekend I’ve loved and, knowing, I think for us as a team, we knew we were behind in performance.”

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