Lewis Hamilton: “I honestly think there is potential to win races”

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Lewis Hamilton says he believes Mercedes “will get a win this year”, but they “have to acknowledge that the others have done a better job”.

In a ViaPlay interview conducted by his former team-mate Heikki Kovalainen, Lewis Hamilton talked about Mercedes’ chances to win races in 2022.

“I honestly think there is potential to win races and every week I’m hoping that they find something that just brings us that little bit of extra downforce without bouncing,” the Briton said.

“But it’s been tough for the team achieve, but no one’s given up on it.

“I think fundamentally we have to acknowledge that the others have done a better job and whichever philosophy they’ve taken has worked well for them and we have to be conscious of that moving forward.

“We can’t be stubborn and say, ‘no our way is definitely the way and it will eventually work’ because we could wait years for that.

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“We have to be quick, we have to be concise, we have to be humble in our approach which I think we will be, I hope.

“That’s a conversation that’s in the background because you know how engineers are, there’s a lot of pride in everyone’s work as there should be, but I really do hope by the end of the year that we’re able to get a win.

“I truly believe we will get a win this year but one win is not enough for us in terms of what we work for.

“I think right now when I’m talking to the team I’m like, ‘hey, this is what I don’t want next year and this is what I need next year in this car’ so I’m trying to help steer them to make sure they provide us with that next year,” Hamilton concluded.

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