Lewis Hamilton looks back on the record-breaking 2020 F1 season

The Mercedes F1 Team posted a video of Lewis Hamilton looking back on his seventh championship winning 2020 Formula 1 season.

After an amazing history-making season, Hamilton expressed his gratitude to the team at Mercedes.

“It’s my eighth year with the team,” Lewis said in the video.

“That’s the longest I’ve ever been with a team and it’s just incredible. It’s incredible that we just continue to raise the bar.

“And I’m just truly grateful for everyone who puts so much work intro creating an opportunity for me to go out and display my ability and play my role and helping them succeed.”

The Briton also talked about the problems that befell the world and Formula 1 in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“When I think about this year, I naturally think about how hard this year has been for so many people. So many lives lost, business shutting down. I can’t even imagine how deep it goes in terms of the bad impact that it’s has this year.

“I’m incredibly grateful and fortunate that we got to work. There have been positives to take from the year. The racing season was consistent, strong and records were broken.”

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Hamilton especially highlighted Mercedes’ efforts to help with the design and production of breathing aids to help those who suffer from COVID-19.

“I’m most proud of the team during the initial phase of the pandemic, they united and started to help the NHS and trying to save lives.

“For me that’s a huge accomplishment and a true sharing of real caring people.”

The seven-time champion also turned to his continuing efforts to bring equality to Formula 1 and motorsport in general.

“There’s a bunch of stuff that I got to do. I’ve got to help more young kids get through school, I’ve got to help more young kids get into university and I’ve got to get more young kids into Formula 1 and engineering.

“There’s just an endless amount of stuff to do and there’s not an endless amount of time.”

“I think it’s been important this year to speak out and not stay silent. Particularly because there’s so many issues around the world.

“A lot of us feel like we are made to stay silent or have to stay silent, because that’s what people expect or that’s what the system wants you to do.

“I think it’s been an empowering year in freeing myself and being open to speak and hopefully we encourage other people to do the same,” concluded Hamilton.

You can watch the full video below.

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