Lewis Hamilton says seventh title is a confirmation of his belief in himself

Lewis Hamilton recalls the amazing 2020 Turkish Grand Prix in which he won his seventh F1 world title and matched Michael Schumacher’s record.

By the time the Turkish Grand Prix rolled around, Lewis Hamilton was sure to win the 2020 Formula 1 championship, if not then and there, then in the next race for sure.

The Briton qualified sixth, and while he didn’t need a race win to win the title, he spectacularly won that race a proved once again he was the class of the field.

“It was an amazing race,” said Hamilton.

“I remember the weekend, just the track feeling terrible to drive for all of us.

“We couldn’t get the tyres working, everyone was sliding around – it was the slipperiest surface we had ever been on because the tyre wasn’t working with the track. It was like driving around on cold tyres.

“It was extremely strange and the race itself, obviously, we weren’t quick in qualifying, we struggled. We didn’t really know how we would do in the race.

“Some corners were wet, some were damp, and some, one wheel’s worth was dry. Navigating the lap was awesome.”

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However as Hamilton was getting closer to the finish line in P1, he started to realize the magnitude of what he was about to accomplish.

“Three laps to the end, all of a sudden [I was] realising ‘Oh my God, there’s three laps. If I finish this off I’m going to be a seven-time world champion’.

“That was mind-blowing that experience. I couldn’t believe that it just happened after years and years and years of questioning and doubting and not sure whether it was going to happen.

“Just flipping that negativity into positivity each time but never knowing if it’s going to work and then I made it.

“So it was a real confirmation of that belief that I’ve had in myself for a long time,” concluded the seven-time-champion.

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