Lewis Hamilton to Max Verstappen: “Game on!”

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Lewis Hamilton says he prefers a championship fight with driver from another team, like he had with Sebastian Vettel, as opposed to fighting a team-mate.

Lewis Hamilton didn’t have a lot of opportunities to have a proper championship fight with a driver from another team in the turbo hybrid era, as Mercedes has been the dominant force since 2014.

The last time Hamilton enjoyed such a fight was in 2017 and 2018, when he fought Sebastian Vettel in a Ferrari. With Red Bull producing a car that, at the moment, looks to be the best car on the grid, the Briton seems to finally be in a proper championship fight with Max Verstappen.

“If I’m really honest, I mean, I’ve been racing a long time since I was eight,” Hamilton said.

“So I’ve fought so many different people naturally. But you can remember when I was obviously fighting against Ferrari.

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“That is my preferred scenario when we’re fighting against another team and another team who are at their best. And even ahead, potentially, in certain instances.

“Max is is more experienced now than he ever has been. And clearly incredibly hungry to win more races and to win this championship. And you know… Game on!

“This is what we’re all here to do is to race and to be fighting for wins. And in the battles that we’ve had just in these first few races have been amazing.

“And I’m excited to, to enjoy more of them,” concluded the seven-time champion.

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