Lewis Hamilton wouldn’t want to ride a MotoGP bike around Portimao

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During the Portuguese Grand Prix weekend Lewis Hamilton was asked to name a Formula 1 circuit that he would like to ride a MotoGP bike on.

Back in 2019 Lewis Hamilton swapped his F1 car for a MotoGP bike ride around the Valencia circuit in a Monster Energy organized ride swap between himself and Valtentino Rossi.

The event created a tremendous amount of buzz, so at the post Portuguese Grand Prix Qualifying press conference Lewis was asked if he could imagine himself riding a MotoGP bike around the Portimao circuit.

“I wouldn’t want to ride one round here, because there’s no grip,” said Hamilton.

“You’d take off over some of these humps, you know. Coming out of Turn 15 and onto the straight at 1… something you would probably take off. I don’t fancy that.

The Briton was also asked if there is a Formula 1 track that he would like to ride around on a MotoGP bike. While Lewis was trying to think of a circuit, Max Verstappen started giving his suggestions.

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“In terms of what track I would like to have a go on,” started Hamilton.

“Monaco,” interjected Verstappen.

“No… where could be good,” Lewis thought out loud.

“Austin,” asked Max.

“Austin maybe, yeah,” agreed the Briton, to which Verstappen added: “It’s nice and heavy”.

“It could be quite cool, a cool circuit to ride on,” concluded the seven-time champion.

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