Martin Brundle on Lewis Hamilton: “Nothing has been his match”

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Former F1 driver Martin Brundle says Lewis Hamilton’s “eyesight, his reactions, nothing has fallen away”, and “nothing has been his match”.

With Lewis Hamilton turning 37 years old, observers are naturally wondering how long can he keep going at the top level in Formula 1.

Martin Brundle says he believes Lewis will retire at the top of his game, and not when his abilities start to decline.

“My gut feeling is he’ll stop a year early rather than a year late,” the Briton said.

“He’s not going to hang on until the bitter end for a few more dollars, or just to be a Formula 1 driver, and nor will he need to.

“He’s obviously got other ambitions in his life, but I can’t imagine why he would stop in the next five years, or certainly three. Why would he?”

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However, Brundle says Lewis is still not anywhere near his decline.

“His eyesight, his reactions, nothing has fallen away. If you’re going to start fading, you’re on a gentle slope. And he doesn’t appear to have started that slope yet.

“Michael was in his 40s when he retired and he started making a lot of mistakes, and most of us did – you start having crashes at the end and you don’t know why that happened. That’s what it looks like Sebastian is to me, right now.

“Lewis has not got to that point, and nothing has been his match,” Brundle concluded.

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