Mercedes couldn’t find any damage from the Alonso – Hamilton collision

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Mercedes reveals the team could not find any damage to Lewis Hamilton’s car after he collided with Fernando Alonso at the Miami Grand Prix.

At the beginning of the Miami Grand Prix, Fernando Alonso bumped into Lewis Hamilton, which prompted the Briton to tell his team he suspects his car has been damaged.

In Mercedes’ race debrief, Technical Director Mike Elliott said the team could not detect any problems.

“The contact was wheel to wheel and as always, we have lots of engineers looking at the data that is pouring off the car,” Elliott said.

“So the aerodynamicists are looking at pressure taps on the floors and wings, they are looking at the push-rod loads and our chief engineer will be looking at all the other suspension loads and making sure they are doing what they are supposed to be doing.

“So we can very quickly tell whether there is an issue with the car and there was no issue to find.”

Elliott also explained George Russell’s strategy, which allowed him to get from P12 to P5.

“I think you can tell by the fact we fitted the hard tyres, we kept our options open.

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“Our plan was always to be able to run an offset strategy relative to the cars around us, so by an offset strategy what I mean is if you’ve got a car which you think may have a pace advantage, you want to be running a different strategy to the cars around you.

“That way, if you get caught up in a DRS train, you will always get a portion of the race when you will get some clean air when the others ‘pit’ and you are able to then run long and that’s what we had in mind with George.

“Added to that, there is also the potential benefit of Safety Cars. If the Safety Car comes out after the others have ‘pitted’, you end up with a clear advantage and that’s how it obviously played out for George.

“I have to say George drove a fantastic race, starting on the hard tyres when his competitors around him were on the mediums.

“All right, we lost a couple of places at the start, but George kept his head, he did all the right things, he waited for the tyres to come towards him and as we started to get heat into the harder tyres and as the medium tyres started to degrade, we saw the pace advantage George had and he was able to cut through the field and do a really good job.

“To finish that race in fifth from where we started, that’s a fantastic achievement,” the Briton concluded.

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