Sky Sports’ David Croft: ‘Someone’s saying Hamilton won eight’

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At the Las Vegas Grand Prix launch event, and amid Red Bull’s boycott of Sky Sports, David Croft pointed out that a fan said Lewis Hamilton was an eight-time champion.

Lewis Hamilton, George Russell and Sergio Perez were on stage on Sunday at the Las Vegas Grand Prix launch event, and they were being interviewed by Sky Sports’ David Croft.

At one point Croft asked the drivers if Las Vegas would be the coolest place to win the world title at.

“This could also be the title decider as well, would it be the coolest place to win a world title here on the Vegas strip in the entertainment capital of the world?” the Briton asked.

This prompted Russell to say: ”Well, this guy’s got seven of them [pointing at Hamilton], so he can probably tell you more.”

A fan then shouted that Lewis was an eight-time champion, which Croft picked up on and decided to repeat it to a worldwide audience.

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“Someone’s saying he won eight,” Croft said.

The Vegas crowd erupted into cheers, a Lewis ultimately said that “the party would be the best here”.

Of course, the comment was referring to the controversial circumstances of the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, which saw Hamilton lose the title fight to Max Verstappen, after the race director disregarded the rules which govern the use of the Safety Car.

What makes Croft’s actions even more controversial is the fact that at the Mexican Grand Prix, Verstappen and Red Bull decided to boycott Sky Sports, as a result of reporter Ted Kravitz saying Hamilton was “robbed”. This situation will definitely not help Sky’s relationship with the Austrian team.

You can watch the video of the situation below.

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