Stefano Domenicali hopes to see Hamilton vs Verstappen 2 in 2022

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Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali says he hopes to see Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen continue their rivalry in 2022, but hopes “other drivers can intervene in the battle for the title”.

In an interview with Stefano Domenicali was asked if he wants to see the continuation of Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen’s title battle in 2022.

“I really hope the duel will continue, of course,” the Italian said.

“But I also hope that other drivers can intervene in the battle for the title. We currently have so many young and talented drivers, an extremely strong field.

“Therefore, the focus is currently on whether the new cars will allow more drivers to fight for wins and the title.”

Domenicali hopes the combination of the new F1 rules and the budget cap can allow more teams to get in the fight at the top of the field.

“The cars should enable the drivers to drive closer to one another and thus duel each other even more intensely.

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“If you ask me whether we’ll see an extremely close field from the first race on, I don’t think so.

“But due to the restrictions in the further development of cars and the upper budget limit, the gap should close more quickly.

“In any case, I’m really looking forward to the new cars. I was told that some of them should look different than the model we presented at Silverstone. I am curious myself.”

Domenicali was then asked if he can picture a team finding a loophole in the rules like Brawn GP did in 2009.

“That could be. Because with new rules you never know whether a team has found a loophole, after all.

“Although I would rather expect one or two teams to have taken a different direction than they found a loophole in the regulations,” F1’s CEO concluded.

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