Toto Wolff says Mercedes didn’t ‘turn down’ their engines in 2014

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Toto Wolff shoots down former Mercedes executive director Paddy Lowe’s claim that Mercedes ‘turned down’ its engines on purpose in 2014.

During his appearance on the Beyond the Grid podcast, Paddy Lowe said Mercedes opted to run its engine in “idle mode” in most qualifying sessions in 2014, to prevent any further scrutiny of their dominant car.

Lowe claimed that he and Toto Wolff would argue about how much power they’d run in certain qualifying sessions. The fear, as Lowe claimed, was that “if Mercedes had looked ridiculously good, then something would be done about it”.

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However, when asked about this, Toto Wolff said there’s absolutely no truth to that.

“I think Paddy must have been in a different place than I was,” the Austrian said.

“There is no such situation that you turn back an engine just to have regulations tweaked in your direction.

“We were very competitive in 2014 and I think everybody could see that it was the start of a regulatory environment that wouldn’t have been changed anyway,” concluded Wolff.

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