Toto Wolff: “The tough learnings will help us over many years”

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Toto Wolff says Mercedes is “looking at continuing to develop over two, five and 10 years”, and adds “the tough learnings” of 2022 “will help us over many years”.

In Toto Wolff’s mid-season review, the Austrian gave his thoughts on the tough start of the year for Mercedes.

“The start of the season wasn’t really any good, and there is no other way of describing it,” Wolff said.

“If you win the championship in December, and then four months on, you’re not competing with the guys in the front, that’s frustrating.

“Since then, we had a roller coaster. We’ve been on the podium, almost every single race, we were strong on the Sundays, but never quite there in qualifying, and the gap was simply too large.

“So now it’s about trying to understand what it is and in the second half of the season, hopefully increase our qualifying pace, and then be able to race for victories.”

However, Toto believes the difficulties the team faced could help them in the long run.

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“There is not a lot that really went so well, if you concede that our expectation was to fight for the World Championship.

“But we need to take the positives. What we’ve said in the past is the days we lose are the days we learn the most, and I think this is what happened.

“Our car was really difficult. At times, it really seemed that it didn’t improve, and I think the learnings that we made, the tough learnings, will help us over many years.

“But also, our time span is not a single weekend or even a single year. We’re looking at continuing to develop over two, five and 10 years.

“And for this, maybe the learnings and the toughness we had this year can be beneficial,” Wolff concluded.

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