Valtteri Bottas is in “no rush” to discuss his future beyond 2021

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Valtteri Bottas says he is focused on his fifth attempt to beat Lewis Hamilton for the Formula 1 title, and is not yet thinking about his next Mercedes contract.

In 2020 Bottas has signed a one-year contract extension with Mercedes. With Mercedes’ young drivers George Russell and Esteban Ocon waiting for their opportunity to drive for the German team, many are saying the Finn’s performance this season will be more important than ever, if he wants to keep his seat in 2022.

Bottas, however is not thinking about his future beyond 2021 yet.

“I’m honestly in no rush for that,” Bottas said after being asked if he is eager to start negotiating his next contract with Mercedes.

“I kind of get it. If the team has the opportunity for the big change coming in 2022, to have options, to choose both of their drivers, I think it’s good for the team.

“But yeah, honestly, from my side, no rush really. I’m just full gas for the season, and trying to get to my goals.

“Eventually it will be a talking point. Not quite yet.”

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The Finn is fully focused on trying to beat Lewis Hamilton for the F1 title, a feat he has failed to accomplish in his four seasons with Mercedes. Asked if he would be especially disappointed if he lost out to Lewis again this year, Bottas said:

“Of course, in a way it would be disappointing, because I’ve been team-mates with Lewis now several years, and obviously every year that is the goal.

“But what would be more disappointing is if I look back and realise things that I could have done better or I should have put more effort.

“I don’t want to leave any what ifs after this year, that’s the ultimate goal. If I give everything I have, if I maximise, like I said, myself and the people around me, and give everything I have, then there’s no regrets.

“But I’m speaking as if it’s not with Lewis that I’m fighting or winning titles. I haven’t really thought that far.

“I’m putting full focus on this season and obviously then we’ll see after.”

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