CAROL’S CORNER: Could Lewis Hamilton end up at Aston Martin?

By Carol M. Creasey

Lawrence Stroll, the multibillionaire who owns the Aston Martin Formula 1 Team (formerly Racing Point), has recently indicated that, given the chance, he would be interested in signing Sir Lewis Hamilton to his team, if the seven-time champion became available.

Because Sir Lewis has only signed one-year contract extension with Mercedes, it was enough to get the press buzzing and speculating about whether he will retire after this season, and if he did, who would be sitting in a Mercedes car next year.

Rumours have abounded that maybe George Russsell will be his successor, and Christian Horner is convinced it will be Max Verstappen, who has never even been mentioned by Mercedes, because of his long-term commitment to Red Bull. Toto was quick to squash these rumours by saying the team’s first loyalty is to Sir Lewis and Valtteri Bottas, and they have George Russell and Esteban Ocon waiting in the wings, as part of their junior driver programme.

Meanwhile, nobody knows yet whether Sir Lewis will be staying in Formula 1, or if he will leave to pursue other interests after this season. If he wins his eighth championship this year, he will become the greatest in the world without question, statistics don’t lie.

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Lawrence Stroll feels that having a driver of Lewis’ calibre would be great for any team, but especially his. Aston Martin is a relatively new outfit, and it would certainly raise its profile. Only Sir Lewis can know if this is something that interests him and, of course, it could lead to Sir Lewis going head to head with his old rival and friend four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel (if Stroll didn’t stick with his son Lance). How exciting that would be for the fans?

The rumours will undoubtedly continue all through this year, and with regulations set to change next year, who knows who will have the fastest car? So, Sir Lewis’ future will always be a talking point. I don’t think Lawrence Stroll’s idea is as bizarre as some papers have made it out to be. It’s always good to dream big and, wherever he goes or whatever he does, Sir Lewis has nothing left to prove.

During the last 14 or more years Sir Lewis Hamilton has built his own legacy, and provided his fans with great entertainment. No wonder Lawrence has thought of this. Whatever he decides, I am confident that Sir Lewis will make the right decision.

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