CAROL’S CORNER: Lewis Hamilton doesn’t need publicity

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By Carol M. Creasey

Sir Lewis Hamilton has often been criticised by the media, and other observers for, as they call it, ‘hanging out with celebrities’. They make it sound as though he needs to do it to get publicity.

The truth is Lewis has always been interested in other sports stars and other top performers, simply because their determination and dedication inspires him to improve himself.

But now the shoe is actually on the other foot. He can count Sir Mo Farah, Serena Williams, Usain Bolt and many other top athletes as close friends. There are also film stars, fashion designers, model Naomi Campbell, and many more well-known personalities who have even come to watch him race. For example, Vin Diesel was present at Monza last week to support him, but sadly that race was curtailed early. Prince Harry is also a fan, as he has a signed photograph of the British champion in his home, and he has spent time with him on several occasions. He is obviously a favourite of the Royal Family, having been made “Sir” earlier this year.

None of this has affected him though, he is still humble and grateful, with no trace of arrogance. He has never forgotten his roots, and the fact that he did not come from a privileged background. So when he heard about the new British superstar tennis player Emma Raducanu, from Bromley, and how well she was doing, he took to social media to encourage and support her.

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Emma was invited to the Met Gala, which Lewis had given a lot of support to, hiring his own table, and giving support to new black designers. When she was interviewed on Breakfast Television later, she made a point of mentioning that she was a huge fan of Formula One, and had been thrilled to meet the British Superstar. She also said how nice he was, and how he was equally delighted to meet her.

Poor jealous Jeremy Clarkson put his foot in it again by commenting on what Lewis was wearing, no doubt to get himself noticed by piggybacking on the seven-time champion’s name, which always makes headlines. He just doesn’t understand that Lewis can pull anything off. If he came to a gala in a bin bag, he’d make it a trend, because his reputation on the racetrack, and in the fashion industry precedes him.

Going back to Lewis wanting to ‘hang out with celebrities’, no, celebrities want to hang out with Lewis. Many people would love to have been in Emma’s shoes that night and meet one of the greatest racing drivers of all time. He has helped Formula One reach audiences that would never even think about sampling the sport before, and when he goes, he will be missed. We all need to appreciate the opportunity to watch a master hone his craft at the top of his game, because it won’t last forever.

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