CAROL’S CORNER: Sir Lewis Hamilton is trying to make a difference

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By Carol M. Creasey

Sir Lewis Hamilton has been involved with the Black Lives Matter movement ever since George Floyd’s tragic death at the hands of a police officer in the U.S. in 2020.

In addition to performing on the race track at a very high level, he has also worked tirelessly to educate Formula One about the importance of diversity in the sport, and making it easier for people of all sexes and all ethnic groups to have a career in motorsport.

His efforts have been so successful that arrangements were made to allow drivers to take the knee before every race, and Mercedes themselves have now gone into partnership with him to launch a joint diversity foundation. His passion and sincerity for something he really cares about shines through, and it’s no surprise because during his life Sir Lewis has been subjected to racism on numerous occasions. It has by his own admission made him a stronger person, and no doubt still contributes to his never say die attitude in everything he does, including his very well earned seven world championships.

Now Sir Lewis has joined forces with a Hackney Rabbi, Idris Elba, Ed Sheeran and others to highlight the murder of Stephen Lawrence in 1993, aged just 18 years old. The campaign was launched on April 22nd, which has been declared “Stephen Lawrence Day”. Sir Lewis and others lent their voices to make a short film, which will support the work of the Stephen Lawrence Day Foundation to highlight the life and legacy of Stephen, who was murdered on 22nd April 1993. This racist attack was completely unprovoked.

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The film lasts for three minutes, but on 22nd April a one minute version was shown on TV, with those featured reciting a poem by Max Cyrus. Stephen’s mother, Baroness Doreen Lawrence, is the founder of this foundation, and she also features in the film. She has stated that the death of George Floyd in 2020, and the consequent actions of the Black Lives Matter movement, in addition to social inequalities which are still present in 2021, have caused us to reflect on how we engage with our communities.

Sir Lewis continues to work to help make life better for ethnic people, and even though there are people who criticise him for this, it won’t stop him, it will only make him work harder. He must be applauded for his efforts, as there is still much work to be done.  As an outstanding driver, who is written about and talked about all the time, he is using his platform for good, and those who sneer and make cynical remarks, those who say he should stick to driving, should maybe look at their own lives to see why his actions bother them so much.

Sir Lewis doesn’t care whether it makes him unpopular, his true fans are proud of the fact that he cares, and proud to support him in all he does. Sir Lewis is trying to make a difference.

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