VIDEO: That time Lewis Hamilton competed in pro wrestling!

Source: Mercedes F1 YouTube

With all the talk of Formula 1 turning into WWE, here’s a reminder of the time when Lewis Hamilton actually competed in a pro wrestling match!

Many are saying the controversial end of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix resembled pro wrestling more than a legitimate sporting contest.

Well back in 2015, Lewis Hamilton actually competed in a Lucha Libre match (the Mexican version of pro wrestling) at Arena Mexico, ahead of the 2015 Mexican Grand Prix.

The Briton faced pro wrestling star Mistico, who competed in the WWE as Sin Cara. After the match Lewis joked he might switch to pro wrestling after his racing career is over.

“I’ve seen this on TV, in movies, but to actually be there and be in the ring is really cool,” he said.

“They were talking about just doing a very simple manoeuvre but I wanted to really do it. Hopefully you were kind of impressed by my wrestling moves.

“Maybe when I retire I’ll come back,” Lewis concluded.

You can watch the highlights from the bout below.

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