Lewis Hamilton and Angela Cullen are back in training!

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Lewis Hamilton has shared another update, he is back in the UK and training with his physiotherapist and assistant Angela Cullen!

After announcing his return to social media on Saturday, Lewis has again started to be active across his platforms. After spending some time in New York, he has now returned to the UK, as revealed in a new Instagram video.

Not only is he back in London, but he is again in training with his physiotherapist, assistant and overall right-hand woman Angela Cullen. You can take a look at the pair going for an early morning run in the video below.

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Angela has also been silent since since the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, with only one new post on her Instagram account until now. However, on the same day that Lewis broke his silence, she also posted an update on her daily routines.

“Morning sunrise,” Angela wrote on Instagram.

“Coffee is a new addition/addiction to my morning routine. I introduced it to combat jet lag demands of F1 travel.

“It’s great to reset bio rhythms across time zones. I also use it pre workout for that physical and cognitive energy burst.

“But for me two coffees [are] my limit, otherwise it increases my anxiety and I don’t use coffee when I’m tired as it masks my need for rest and ability to sleep.

“But generally it’s a vibe, I love making it myself, for friends and it’s a kick arse start to dark winter mornings.”

It’s great to see both Lewis and Angela interacting with their fans again and providing updates on what they’re up to.

To find out more about Angela and how she started working with Lewis, you can read our in-depth profile on her. You can also read a collection of fun facts about her and take a look at a few official Mercedes images featuring Angela.

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