Angela Cullen describes the media frenzy surrounding Lewis Hamilton

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Angela Cullen describes the experience of arriving in the Formula 1 paddock with Lewis Hamilton, with numerous photographers ready to take photos of the seven-time champ.

Lewis Hamilton’s right-hand woman Angela Cullen has posted a photo of numerous photographers taking rapid photos of Lewis Hamilton, as he arrives to the paddock.

She then described what it was like for her to accompany Lewis during these arrivals.

“Paddock arrivals,” Cullen wrote on Instagram.

“If you can only imagine what it’s like to arrive to work each day to a wall of cameras that’s what it has been like for [Lewis Hamilton] for many years.

“The intensity of this moment, this for me is one of the most outstanding experiences I remember from when I first entered the paddock alongside Lewis in Melbourne 2016.

“I remember initially the deathly silence, then the hustle of photographers getting into position for that shot! And then the aggressive sound of frantic shutters clattering.

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“In particular I remember how invasive it felt. Click, click, click, was like take, take, take, which I had obliviously not experienced before. And by the time I made it to the safety of [Mercedes] hospitality, I felt exhausted.

“I remember thinking it was a very intense and intimidating way to arrive to a work place and highlighted the unique and crazy world of the F1 paddock.

“Over the last 7 years I have now made friends with most of the photographers and arrivals feel a little more normal and full of good mornings and how are you.!

And then there are special moments like this [depicted in the photo] in Monza,” Angela concluded.

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