Lewis Hamilton on why he “loves” Extreme E

Source: Team X44 Twitter

Lewis Hamilton’s all-electric off-road Extreme E team – X44 is sitting second in the standings after the first round of the series’ inaugural season.

The new series aims to promote the protection of the environment by racing electric off-road vehicles in places that are being hit by climate change. Places such as Greenland, the Amazon rainforest, and Patagonia.

After the first race in Saudi Arabia, Extreme E has released a video where the seven-time champion talks about what inspired him to enter the series with his own team.

“Where I am in my life, I am looking to see how I can have a positive impact,” the Briton said.

“I’ve grown up in a normally-aspirated engine world, I love V12s, I love V10s, I’m never gonna love an electric car.

“But then I got an electric car, and they’re so much fun. It’s so impressive. That is probably the biggest shock, just how much torque they can generate.

“The reason I love Extreme E is because you’re ticking off two boxes. You get to do the races, the entertainment, the fun stuff.

“But the core of it, the real reason we’re there is to raise awareness for the issues that are in these places.”

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Not only does the new series aim to promote the protection of the environment, but it also aims to promote diversity. Extreme E teams feature one male and one female driver each.

“Growing up in motor racing since the age of eight, it was always a male-dominated sport, it still is. I really think that needs to change.

“There are a lot of young girls out there who need to know that there is an opportunity for them. I’m really excited to see the difference they bring and the message we project.”

You can watch Hamilton’s full statement below.

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