Toto Wolff says Mercedes could protest Red Bull’s “bendy wing”

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Toto Wolff congratulates Red Bull on winning the Monaco Grand Prix “fair and square”, but warns Mercedes could protest the “bendy wing” if it appears in Baku.

After Lewis Hamilton pointed out Red Bull’s “bendy” rear wing, the FIA announced it will start performing further tests from June 15, to prevent teams from using flexible wings.

The problem is that the Azerbaijan Grand prix is scheduled for June 6, so the wing can still be used there.

“I think if the limbo wings are on in Baku with the advantage that we see, it’s gonna go to the stewards and if the stewards are not enough, then it’s going to go to the ICA [the FIA’s International Court of Appeal],” Wolff told Sky Sports F1.

“So I guess the FIA is gonna clarify things before Baku because, if not, it could be very messy.”

Wolff adds that Mercedes will not contest Red Bull’s win in Monaco, but the issue needs to be resolved as soon as possible.

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“We’ve analyzed the front wings and they are bending exactly the same way [as] the Red Bull and the Mercedes wing so we could be protesting each other on the front wing also.

“But it’s clear that the rear wing bends more than it should. Under the rules, it has been classified as non conformant, but we are left in a vacuum where a new test will be introduced after Baku.

“So, it is what it is but we have played it pretty robust in our legal position and it’s just an advantage.

“But today is not the time to really talk about rear wings because they won fair and square here. The wing had nothing to do with Red Bulls performance.

“They were just better and that’s what you need to take on the chin and congratulate them,” concluded Mercedes’ team boss.

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