CAROL’S CORNER: Lewis Hamilton – a 7-time champion whose fire still burns!

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By Carol M. Creasey

Sir Lewis Hamilton has had to compete this year in a slower car, which has stopped development early, because Mercedes wanted to put their resources into 2022 to better prepare for the new Formula 1 regulations.

In addition Lewis has had to fight against a dominant Red Bull and Max Verstappen, who has currently won seven races, compared to five won by the Briton. Despite this he has somehow managed to stay close to the Dutchman, with only six races to go, he is just five points behind Verstappen. It will be a fight to the end with tracks coming up that suit their cars in equal measure. Although the Mercedes has not been upgraded, the team have worked very hard at understanding their car, and the reward for this has been an improvement in straight line speed.

When Verstappen was asked recently how he would feel about winning the world championship, his reply was very flippant, “well, it won’t change my life” was his retort. Well, Lewis has already won seven championships, to equal Michael Schumacher, but he has never lost the fire or the passion that keeps him driving.

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When he recently reached 100 race wins, he acknowledged that records are there to be broken, but those words also inspired him to stay around a little bit longer, to get some more wins, and maybe even more championships, and make his records a bit more unreachable.

One thing is for sure, the Briton will go on fighting for his eighth championship even thought, sadly, some pundits and ex drivers seem more keen on Verstappen winning this year. Nevertheless we will all have to wait and see what happens by the end of 2021. All I hope is the title will not be decided by a DNF or a tactical foul.

It will be a long time before anyone equals or passes the records set by Sir Lewis, and right now we can sit back and enjoy watching him. Make the most of it, because he is a champion in the true sense of the word. May his fire continue to burn brightly and inspire us all to achieve what we want in life.

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